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Repairs to your Airbox GPS

We hope that your Airbox never goes wrong or breaks, but if it does, you can be assured of an outstanding level of service.


For instructions on returning a unit to us for repair (whether in or out of warranty), please download the Airbox returns form by clicking on the link below.






Valid repairs under warranty will be dealt with free of charge. Non-warranty repairs will be assessed and you will be contacted with a repair cost. Please note that whether you decide to proceed with the repair or not, non-warranty units will incur a cost of £15 to cover postage and packaging.


Whether your unit is within warranty or not, we highly recommend telephoning or e-mailing us using the details on our contact page prior to sending the unit to us. Many faults can be fixed remotely and we can often get you back in the air both quicker and more cheaply this way.


Please take particular note that the Airbox warranty does not cover physical damage to any part of the unit.

Download Product Repair Form

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