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Fastplan for PC

Airbox Fastplan is the free software that accompanies Airbox GPS devices such as the Foresight 3.0. It enables pilots to plan flights from the comfort of their home PC and then transfer the flight information over to an Airbox GPS device or any device than accepts the .gpx file format.


Fastplan also connects directly to our cloud service, Thundercloud, enabling the instant delivery of new maps and charts the second they are released.


Planning a route with Fastpan is as simple as clicking on the map with your mouse. Once you’ve created a route you can easily drag it away from restricted airspace and obstacles.


A journey can also be planned by entering the names or designators or the start and destination airfields, along with any enroute waypoints. Once entered, the route can be adjusted as above by interacting directly with the map.


Minimum spec for Fastplan: IBM compatible PC or Laptop (or PC emulator such as Parallels), Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 or later, 1 Ghz+ Intel/AMD processor, Broadband Internet connection, DVD Rom drive and USB port.

What you need to run Fastplan

Fastplan Features

  • Easy input of waypoints

  • Displays same ICAO charts as your GPS

  • NOTAMs updated directly to Fastplan

  • Weather (TAF, METARs across the world)

  • Sync your flights and routes with your GPS

  • Use Fastplan to update your Airbox GPS with new charts

  • View previous flights logged on your Airbox GPS

  • Create printable Route Briefing documents

  • Save, load and email routes

  • Export routes in .gpx format

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Airbox Aerospace has created a quick reference weather system allowing pilots to assess the weather, at a glance, for their route.


The weather data we use is derived from N.O.A.A., the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which provides highly accurate weather data for the entire planet.


METAR data shows an icon depicting airfield weather type, wind direction (the size of the arrow gives an indication of wind strength) and a colour code currently in use by the British Armed Forces to depict visibility and cloud base.


notam display

Fastplan Weather

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Right clicking on these weather icons gives users access to a more detailed “weather card” displaying data such as wind speed, dew points, temperature, actual cloud base height and visibility etc.


•  Each zone is classified according to military colour codes, from VFR to IFR

•  An arrow overlaid onto the map shows wind direction and an indication of speed

•  Clicking on the weather station allows viewing further information including cloud base, wind and visibility


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