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Fastplan FAQs

Your questions answered



Error Messages


An error message that appears before the user can open Fastplan usually means that your PC requires some additional software from Microsoft to be installed.


Please contact us during office hours or via email with information on the PC your are trying to install Fastplan onto and your contact details. This will enable us to better assess what additional Microsoft software needs to be installed on your computer.






Update From Server


Q) FastPlan displays 'Cannot contact update server'


A)This is always because of an Internet connectivity problem at the users end. There are several common solutions:


1) The users internet connection does not work

Check that you can access using Internet Explorer.


2) A firewall is blocking Fastplan

The user should ensure that their firewall is allowing Fastplan access to the internet. This is usually called creating a firewall exclusion. If you are unsure how to do this you should contact your firewall provider.


Another alternative is to disable the firewall completely (done at the user's own risk). Quite often disabling a 3rd party firewall will activate Windows Firewall so this will also need to be deactivated too.


3) The user connects through a proxy server

Fastplan uses the proxy settings from Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet. If you use a different browser they may not have set these up. you should make sure you can connect to the Internet using Internet Explorer and if not you should set up your proxy details.


4) The user connects through a company firewall (a firewall not installed on their computer)

Intelligent firewalls sometimes block files that they do not recognize to prevent viruses getting through. Fastplan uses encrypted files for updates which can be blocked by these firewalls. The firewall needs to be configured to trust


5) The user has an unusual way of connecting to the internet

Some users connect to the internet via satellite or 3G dongle. Sometimes these connections are limited Internet access to web browsing which prevents Fastplan from using the internet connection.


These connections also have caps on Internet usage and will not allow downloads after this cap has been reached. If unsure the user should check with their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

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