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Aware 5 Plus


Airbox Aerospace’s Aware 5 Plus is a feature-packed full airspace warning and navigation system with outstanding 5 inch screen and a user interface designed for easy in-cockpit use. Now with faster internal processor for improved performance!

In flight, Aware 5 Plus presents the pilot only with the information vital to their flight. And nothing more than that because we at Airbox believe in not over featuring our products but instead making systems that don’t confuse or baffle the aviator. What's more the Aware 5 Plus' new internal processor makes for a new, much smoother user experience with fast map panning and zooming.


Stored routes can be loaded from the system memory, current routes edited in-flight with ease and if the need arises, a nearest airfields option can be selected to take the edge off any situation.


The Aware 5 Plus will warn pilots of any potential airspace infringements up to five minutes ahead of the aircraft’s current position. All warnings are relative to the aircraft’s flight level and take into consideration whether the aircraft is climbing, descending or drifting towards airspace. The data that produces the airspace updates is updated every 28 days in accordance with the AIRAC cycle and provided free by Airbox Aerospace for the life of the product.

On approach and within 10NM of your final destination, extended runway centre-lines are produced easing the pilot into a precision approach.


The Aware 5 plus logs all your flights so you will have a useful record of previous activities. When synced with Fastplan, the flight data is transferred to your PC and can be viewed on the Fastplan map screen or in Google Earth. Conversely, Fastplan now acts as the best way to update your Aware with new airspace updates or newly downloaded ICAO charts; Just interface your Aware 5 Plus' memory card with your PC and hit the sync button!

  • Dimensions 136mm x 88mm x 15mm

  • Screen Size 5.0 inch

  • Resolution 480 x 292 pixels

  • Weight 180g

  • 2 hours continuous use on full brightness using internal battery

  • GPS Receiver Sirf Star III, 20 Channels

  • Brightness >500 nits

  • Voltage Range 12-28v DC

  • Software Fastplan for PC


  • Free airspace updates for life (not chart updates)

  • 3D visual airspace alerting system

  • Intuitive 'press and go' route planning

  • Worldwide airfield database

  • Load & Save Routes

  • Flight Logging

  • Favourite Destinations & Home Airfield selector

  • Multiple chart type capability

  • ICAO 1:500,000 charts for your country

  • Full flight-planning, add waypoints etc.

Using your Aware 5 Plus

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What are the running costs of an Aware?

Once you’ve purchased your Aware GPS you’ll be able to download free airspace updates for life. These are updated every 28 days in line with the AIRAC cycle. The airspace updates depict the boundaries of current airspace and enable your Aware device to warn you about nearby airspace and will, if current and updated, always generate airspace warnings even if your underlying charts are out of date. If you want to maintain up to date charts, you should purchase these from our webshop.


Typically to maintain current charts in the UK for CAA 1:500,000 VFR charts you will pay £49.99 per year for all three charts however you can choose to only purchase only the charts you fly with, for example the CAA Southern edition chart can be purchased as a download for £19.99.


The cost of this covers the licencing of the charts from the CAA and ultimately Ordnance Survey who create them. Other regional ICAO charts can be purchased from the Thundercloud site for similar prices.