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Aware for Android

Aware is now available for download onto your Android tablet or phone.  


We've been working hard bring the world's easiest to operate airspace warning system to our Android customers. With free, easy and automatic airspace updates for life, you'll never have to worry about busting airspace again.


Aware for Android will alert you of any possible airspace infringements ahead of where you're flying both with an audible and visual warning meaning you can focus on the flying.


The multi-award winning Aware concept was originally designed as a collaboration between Airbox and NATS and saw a marked decrease in airspace infringements when it was first  released in 2008. Since then over 15000 pilots around the world have benefitted from Aware's enhanced situational awareness.


Available now from the Playstore.

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Aware includes many useful  features to make your flying as safe and relaxing as possible. Our aims are simple: We want to reduce pilot workload, increase situational awareness and encourage "eyes out of the cockpit" aviation.

  • Airspace warnings in 3D with contact frequencies

  • FREE airspace updates in line with AIRAC cycle*

  • Comes with Airbox own vector mapping as standard

  • Airfield Search by names or ICAO code

The Aware App requires any of the following to operate:

All Android devices with 3G connectivity should automatically pick up your GPS position.  For non-3G devices, there are several external GPS antennas which can be used to supplement the lack of internal GPS chip.  


Whilst there is a huge range of Android devices to choose from, we've put together a list of recommended devices which we've tested and found to work well with the Aware app installed:


  • Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

  • Most Samsung devices

  • LG G4

  • Sony Z3

  • Google Pixel C

  • Tesco Hudl (discontinued)


Copyright, all rights reserved 2017 Airbox Aerospace Limited  


* Does not include free ICAO chart updates which much be purchased separately