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All Airbox GPS units come with the free desktop flightplanning software Fastplan allowing quick and easy flight planning from the comfort of your home.


The process of route planning is at all times incredibly simple and intuitive. We aim to only the deliver the right information and data when you need it.


If you have an Aware Plus you will be able to transfer the routes from your Fastplan to the GPS.  If you have the Basic Aware you will be able to plan on the PC but only use Fastplan to update your Aware with new airspace and charts.



From novice to highly experienced aviators, the Airbox Aware GPS provides a way for pilots to quickly and easily understand the often complex airspace environment by warning of any potential airspace infrigements whilst showing the user's positional clearly overlaid on an offical ICAO map.


Designed in 2012 by Airbox in association with NATS (National Air Traffic Services), the Aware was an instant hit with pilots due to its' low cost and ease of use. The device was credited with helping to reduce airspace infringements in the UK following a prolongued period of year-on-year increases. The Aware's success in the skies led to the team receiving multiple awards including the prestigious Honeywell Bendix Trophy for Aviation Safety awarded to the company by the Flight Safety Foundation in 2013.






Minimum spec for Fastplan: IBM compatible PC or Laptop (or PC emulator such as Parallels), Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 or later, 1 Ghz+ Intel/AMD processor, Broadband Internet connection, DVD Rom drive and USB port.

Flying with Aware



You've checked NOTAMS and weather for the day, planned your flight, and synced it with your Airbox GPS (Aware Plus only); Now it's time to fly with your Airbox Aware.


Make sure your Airxcraft is always in the centre of the screen and following your position by tapping on the aeroplane button at the bottom of the screen,  Your GPS will display your planned route, clearly defined over an ICAO chart, with each leg separated by a waypoint (Aware Plus only). As you approach airspace, depending on your height and direction of travel, airspace advisory warnings are triggered both visually and audibly.


Each warning displays a relevant frequency (if available) and the class and height restrictions of the airspace.




fastplan1 Learn more about Fastplan


"We want this to be the easiest GPS you've ever flown with..."


Enroute information is clearly displayed on-screen as the flight progresses.


A status bar with display of relative position to the nearest airfield allows pilots to quickly describe their position if needed.


Your aircraft icon appears over an official ICAO chart and displays a graduated line extending in front of your position. Make sure your Airxcraft is always in the centre of the screen and following your position by tapping on the aeroplane button at the bottom of the screen,  Each section represents one minute of travel time showing your position five minutes ahead in total.


ETAs, distance to destination and time to destination, based on your current position and speed can all be displayed on your GPS as you continue your journey. At any time Nearest Airfields can be selected to display the ten nearest airfields to your current location.


On nearing your destination airfield you'll see extended runway centrelines to help you line up for the approach. If an airfield plate is available you can display it over the map for added detail.


Your Airbox GPS will log all flights once the aircraft reaches >5 knots. You can view the flight tracks from these logs once you've synced your device with Fastplan post flight.


Enroute Information

On Approach


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